What sets this engineering marvel apart is its innovative design, marking several firsts within the country. Minister Gadkari revealed that this tunnel boasts a unique feature—a sprawling eight-lane road that runs both above and below the tunnel, enhancing its efficiency manifold. To further optimize traffic flow and accessibility, the tunnel is complemented by dual four-lane service roads encircling it, resulting in a staggering total of 20 lanes.

The Panipat to Delhi Airport Terminal 3 tunnel not only exemplifies the country’s commitment to modern and efficient transportation infrastructure but also showcases its dedication to innovative engineering solutions. With its expansive network of lanes and strategic location, this tunnel is poised to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance connectivity, and streamline travel between these key regions.

The unveiling of India’s longest shallow tunnel signifies a significant step towards bolstering the nation’s transportation network and fostering economic growth. As the tunnel becomes operational, it is expected to facilitate smoother and faster travel, benefitting commuters and businesses alike.

This achievement reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to infrastructure development and its determination to harness cutting-edge solutions to meet the growing demands of a rapidly evolving nation.

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